Toyin Aimakhu Confesses to Drug Addiction


The actress was in the news a few months ago following the bitter divorce battle she had with her husband who eventually went ahead to tell the whole world all the dirty things the lady did that eventually made him to dump her.

Toyin Aimakhu is quite popular in the English version of Nollywood but she later crossed to the Yoruba version and even produced a popular comedy movie which has to do with life on campuses and which she claimed she made close to N100 million on its premiere.

She recently changed her surname to the one of that great prophet called ‘father of all nations.’

The actress recently came out to reveal that due to the crash of her marriage, she actually took to the use of hard drugs including ganja, heroin, skunk and even cocaine. She said she almost became mad due to the consumption.

According to Olofofos, the actress, after the marriage collapse, moved into the house of one of her friends who used to live a ‘wild life.’ It was while she was living there that she was introduce to the consumption of those hard drugs.

However, it seems the lady has retraced her steps as she has not only left the friend’s house, but has also decided to stop the consumption of the hard drugs


  1. I great you for all your movie and your comedy may God bless you and join to your brain in Allah’s name (amen)

  2. It will better you stop that and the ealier the better…. You will only have only your self for the consequences.


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