Things you Never Know about Chidinma Ekile – Her Real Age, Relationship, Scandalous Hacking of Twitter Account


Сhidinma biography 1
Chidinma Ekile is a very popular and beloved woman with tremendous musical talent. She writes delightful lyrics and turn them into great lyrics. She also dazzles audience with her music video and concert performances. She is loved by thousands, if not millions of people. If you want to learn more about this woman, then you might want to read Chidinma biography.

Glory and achievements

The peak of her fame came in 2010 when she became the winner of Project Fame 3. This reality show gave her a much-needed musical experience and career advancement. Her visuals for “Emi Ni Baller” made her the first female singer to get to the number 1 position on the Naija Top 10 by MTV.


In 2011, the singer collaborated with Sound Sultan and created the song “Jankoliko”. The 1st studio album was released on the Spinlet. Collaborations with other talented singers and producers allowed her to create truly high-quality music which was appreciated by music lovers.
In 2012, she won the Kora Awards in the category of Best Female Act. The prize was presented to her by Didier Drogba. Around that time Chidinma pleased listeners with the song “Kedike

Сhidinma biography 1

Biography of Chidinma

The above achievements are known to almost every admirer of the singer, but many people don’t know about the early years of her life. Let’s talk about it in more detail:
● She was born on May 2, 1991. Chidinma’s birth place is Ketu in Lagos State. She is the sixth of seven children in the family. Her parents were from Imo State.
● Chidinma began to sing when she was 6 years old. At 10 she joined a church choir.
 Then she received her primary and secondary education in Ketu before moving to Ikorodu.
● She had always known she would have a career in music when she was very young
● In an interview, she disclosed that that she took her studying seriously but she was determined to spend her time on music instead of attending a university.
● After her victory in Project Fame, everything
became clear. The singer irrevocably decided to be a professional musician.
● Before that Chidinma worked as a promoter in Lagos.
The contest changed her life forever. When the singer attained that victory, she understood that her work was in demand and Africa loved her. It was the best incentive for further development.
● At the moment, the singer also happens to be an MTN ambassador.

Project Fame 3 victory

Before the girl took part in the Project Fame 3, she had always admired the show and imagined herself on it..
In 2010, Chidinma dared to take part in the casting. She arrived at the studio where all the participants were and hoped for her chance.
Chidinma had to compete with 8000 singers who wanted to show their talents that year. The girl was admitted to the training camp together with 17 other people. For 2.5 months they received training in vocal, oratory and choreography with their teachers, communicated with businessmen in the field of show business and networked with famous singers.
Chidinma won the contest at the end of the day. She was awarded valuable prizes: N2.5 million, a fancy car, and a contract for work on her personal album.

Recording of album

After the delightful triumph she began to work on her album. It was her 1st studio album and quite an important moment for every musician. Before that, Chidinma worked on a joint project with other singers who participated in Project Fame.
According to preliminary reports, the album was to become available for release in late 2011. Chidinma had little contact with the press since she preferred to prove her worth by result rather than constantly talking about material that was not ready yet. She put a lot of effort in it. The singer collaborated with several producers. Each of them brought something unique to the overall result.
In February 2011 two singles were released. One was recorded by Sound Sultan. The author and producer of both compositions is Oscar Heman Ackah. The singer told reporters she was very pleased with the results that these works brought. People liked it very much. It was a great incentive to work harder and improve her creativity.

Сhidinma in stylish Ankara

The video for song “Jankoliko” was released by fans in June 2011. In October of the same year, listeners were able to enjoy the 3rd single “Kedike”. The video became available in January 2012. Her love interest was played by Dammy Crane.
In October 2011, there was another new song – “Run Dia Mouth”. In 2012, the public watched the lead composition “Emi Ni Baller”. In this work, Chidinma’s label mates were involved.
In June 2013, there were 3 more songs from this album. Chidinma also delighted listeners with new masterpieces in September 2013 and January 2014. They were the original version and a remix of the song “Oh Baby”. In the second work, Flavour N’abania was featured.

Scandalous hacking of Twitter account

In November 2013 an intimate viral video about Chidinma was revealed. Many people thought that the young singer was a part of this. However, Chidinma said it was all rumours. She has never participated in anything of the sort and was very sad about this incident.
It turned out that unscrupulous people hacked her Twitter profile and created a new one. They said that her page was fake and theisr was real. In the profile, indecent photos were release including ‘Chidinma’s description of what she was doing
The singer had to fight hard to save her reputation but fortunately, faithful fans of the singer believed that the recording was not hers and fought on her behalf.
One upside to this drama was that the singer became even more popular. She disclosed that she talked with Sound Sultan during that period. He told her that she has become a star, and it is quite common in the showbiz industry. It is difficult for a popular person to avoid scandals and gossip.
For three weeks, people spoke about the singer with excitement. Bad PR is also PR. Even folks who did not know about Chidinma before showed interest. At the end, 90% of the public did not believe that this scandal was really true and they sympathized with the singer as a victim.
Chidinma was very grateful to everyone who did not believe this provocative story At first, she was nervous but then just watched and laughed at the silly ill-wishers. After all, they did her good – advertised and raised the popularity. The smart singer used the scandal to her advantage.

Сhidinma personal life

She has now become a favourite of Nigerian music lovers and her music has brought her eve more fame. Let’s wish her more inspiration for great songs and creativity to continue to come up with good ideas.


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