“since I Welcomed My Twins, Some People Have Been Jealous” — Paul Okoye Shades Peter?


So, it seems like there’s a brewing beef between the PSquare brother Again..
So earlier today, Peter Okoye shared new photos on his Instagram page, with a caption that identifed him as simply “Mr P”, this of course was the moniker he used last year, during his nasty feud with his brothers, Paul and Jude.


Recall last year, 2016, Peter went on Twitter to rant, and demanded his elder brother Jude step down as PSquare manager, a decision that almost tore them apart.
Peter claimed his brothers, Paul and Jude are ganging up against him, and they all tossed their family feud into social media.

The feud went on, and Peter started using the stage name “Mr P” while he went on solo performances and even dropped his own single performed by himself. And when his brothers booked a show in Congo using the group name P-Square, Peter threatened them with a lawsuit.

Well, the storm eventually died down and the brothers reunited.
It has been over a year since that nasty affair and seeing that Peter is back to using Mr P again, fans demanded clarifications.
“Anytime you start calling yourself Mr P, that means you have issue with your twin(sic),”said one of them.

Peter wasn’t in a good mood and stroked the concerned folk.




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