‘Saidi Balogun Didn’t Betray Me’ – Nollywood Actress, Liz Anjorin


Top actress, Liz Anjorin has opened up about her rift with Saidi Balogun. Liz Anjorin who recently premiered her movie, Owo Naira Bet debunked claims that Saheed Balogun betrayed her. Though Balogun played the lead role in the said movie, he scheduled his birthday celebration on the same day she premiered her movie.

In her reaction, she said: ”I did not feel betrayed by the fact that Saidi Balogun, who acted the lead role in my movie, also chose to celebrate his birthday on the same day I planned to premiere the movie. At times, we need competition to survive. If there was no other event that day, my premiere wouldn’t have been known all over the world”

Anjorin who has been bashed on countless occasions on social media said she is not usually bothered when people criticise her.

Hear her: ”Initially, I used to be bothered when negative things were said about me, but I am usually not bothered anymore. In this particular case, I was with my pet dogs and I was training them. One of them is very aggressive and their trainer advised me that I should always command them in a stern voice. In that case, I couldn’t tell my dog to ‘stop being jealous.’ I had to say ‘stop jealous’ to pass my message across. That video went viral but whenever I post things about my career, I rarely get views. Anyway, I see it all as publicity”.



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