Sad Story Of How Moji Olaiya Died After 2 Failed Marriages & How 3rd Hubby Couldn’t Fund Her Medical Bills


Yesterday, 7th June 2017, Nollywood actress, Mojisola Abike Olaiya finally left the surface of the earth as she was laid to rest at the Ikoyi cemetery, Lagos state.

At the burial event, her friends and colleagues c@ught feelings as they broke into tears as her body was lowered into the grave.
She was once a Christian infact, Mojisola was a born Christian and got married to a man whom she bore Adunola for but they soon had issues and went their separate ways.
After quitting her first marriage, she remarried but left the marriage because her daughter, Adunola didn\’t like the man. But what we learnt was that, Mojisola didn\’t change the name of her first husband till the point of her death.
She later gave marriage a last try in 2016 after marrying an Abuja-based married Alhaji who had converted her to Islam in 2014.
However, her last marriage contributed to her death as she developed complications soon after she gave birth to her premature daughter in March, 2017.
Her Alhaji husband was said to have other things to cater for and didn\’t fund her traveling to Canada for childbirth, according to reports, she had to borrow from friends to fund her traveling.
Before her death, Moji was said to have hinted her friends that she wasn\’t feeling too good and she already booked a ticket to Nigeria scheduled for 20th June but sadly she passed away in May, 2017.
She has since been buried at the Ikoyi cemetery in Lagos. May her soul continue to rest in peace….Amen!!!


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