Rapper Proposes To His Girlfirend Before Beginning 20-Year Prison Sentence (Photos)

A rapper who will start his 20-year prison sentence in less that 48 hours has proposed to his girlfriend at a concert.

03 Greedo proposed to his girlfriend
Rapper, 03 Greedo proposed to his longtime girlfriend on stage at a concert on Monday night, but the wedding may have to wait a few decades — he\’s scheduled to begin a 20-year prison sentence this week.
According to TMZ, Greedo had his final pre-prison performance in Los Angeles on June 25. While performing his song “If I,” he dropped down on one knee and asked Kei Bradley to marry him. She said yes and hugged her new fiance.
Greed will be locked up in less than 48 hours after pleading guilty to possession of more than 400 grams of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm this year. The incident stemmed from a 2016 arrest.
In a recent interview with Raq Rants, the rapper said the prison sentence is “bittersweet,” but added that he is “probably going to be the richest rapper.”
“Most African American artists die with their money being played with or their stuff was getting stolen or they\’re flat out broke,” he said.
Greedo later said he doesn\’t think he\’ll serve the whole 20-sentence and he even maintained his innocence, despite his guilty plea.
He plans to continue releasing music from prison.


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