Popular Actress Ayo Adesanya Speaks On How Domestic Violence Made Her Stop Acting For 10 Years


Popular Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya who has featured in both Yoruba and English has made it known to her fans that domestic,violence was one o responsible for her exit from the camera front for about 10 years.


While on Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television the actress explained that she experienced domestic violence during her relationship and that was part of the reason she took a break.
I started with the English movies but at a point, I wasn’t as active as I used to be. I was out of the scene for 10 years slightly due to domestic stuff. When I mean domestic, I was in a kind of relationship, though I was never married to him, we were living together. I experienced a little bit of domestic violence but I am over it now.

“I went through that and I came out of that. I can actually talk about it now because, initially, when it happened I was a little bit ashamed then.



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