Olu Jacobs Reflects On His Wedding With Joke Silva,Talks About How They Both Spent Their Wedding Night..


Ace Nollywood actor,Olu Jacobs has shared some shocking revelations about his wedding day which happened as far back as 1985,November 16.


The actor talked about the guests not being too much with a maximum of 200 guests.

Joke Silva also revealed that the most memorable moment of her wedding was when her mother prayed for her and she did not cry but when she was leaving that night and her mother was crying,she also could not back her tears.

She also revealed that her husband was about two hours late and she was being questioned if her husband would still come until he came.

He came late because he overslept after the bachelor’s eve the night before the wedding

told that she did not have a white wedding becase she was not a fan but her wedding dress was a blue Aso-oke attire.

Talking about her wedding night,Joke shocked us all saying she slept alone because her husband,Olu Jacobs was partying all night and she was too tired to stay up so she slept alone and he later came to sleep and she did not even notice he came in until the next morning.



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