No Words Yet From Bukola Adeeyo Following Accusations Over Paternity Of Her Daughter.


Yoruba actress Bukola Adeeyo recently had her baby,Janelle in the United states and since no man was publicly attached to the actress,fans wondered who was responsible for the baby and the actress has refused to reveal who the father of the baby girl is.

When she arrived back in Nigeria,Oladipo Ibrahim aka omobasanjay almost claimed paternity of the baby with a post on his IG handle but Bukola was quick to deny the news replying the post with a “thank you bro”.
With this move,fans of Bukola insisted Odunlade Adekola was responsible for the baby but that has not been confirmed  with Odunlade’ marriage on the line

.She had said she would not be forced to point out her baby daddy,we just want it to be soon enough.



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