“My Mother Used To Tell Me If A Boy Touches Me, That I Would Get Pregnant” – Actress Fathia Balogun Reveals


So, in a recent interview with popular movie star, Fathia Balogun-Williams, she discusses her mum, her favorite food and how she sacrifice for her and her siblings. She also revealed what she told her about boys back then as a little girl.

Asked about who she was closer to between, her mum and dad, Fathia smiles saying she was much more closer to her mum, the thespian reveals she wasn’t close to her dad as he was an ex military man, although they still maintain father and daughter relationship.

Fathia reveals, her mum doesn’t like a specific meal but she’s always with her cup of Lipton tea, she’s either drinking or refilling her cup.

Asked about the meal her mum prepares that she likes so much, Fathia gladly says Beans, describing how her mum garnished her beans with assorted fishes.

When asked about what her mum told her about boys, while growing up as teenager, she said: “She told me that if a boy touches me that I would get pregnant. If they touch you like this you go get belle oo, if man dey come just pass this place.

You know, all those kind of things. When I started to menstruate, she taught me how to go about it and many other things.”


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