Must See! 3 Important Things You Should Know About S*xy Singer Flavour Nabania



Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour N’abania or Flavour is a popular Nigerian singer and performer. In fact, if you don’t know Flavour, you are dulling yourself or have been under a rock for years.

The s*xy singer is known for singing in Igbo enough to attract a massive fan base which include people who don’t even know what he is singing. He is also known for his energetic stage presence and enthusiasm.

The song that threw him into the spotlight was Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix) and since then Flavour has refused to dim his shine. For those who don’t know him or wish to know more, here are three important things you need to know about one of Nigeria’s s*xiest musicians, Flavour:

1. He loves his body.

Whether on stage or just for Instagram, Flavour has abs and is not afraid to show them. He once said: “When the going gets tough, I get even tougher. I only believe in endless possibilities!”

He works hard to keep his chiseled body in place and is fond of showing it off. Who is complaining? Not us.

2. He has four studio albums.

You probably knew Flavour from the Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix) which came out in 2011 but long before then, he had been singing. His first album was called N’abania and it came out in 2005. It contained the original Nwa Baby.

His breakthrough album was Uplifted which came out in 2010. This gave us hits like I dey catch cold, Alcohol, Kwarika and fan favourite, Nwa Baby.

The next album was Blessed which came out in 2012 and gave us hits like Ada Ada, Baby Oku and Black is Beautiful. The current album is Thankful and it was released in 2014 and we are still enjoying the hits from it. They include: Ololufe, Golibe, Wake Up and Wiser. It is his most successful album so far.

3. He has two daughters.

It’s easy to see Flavour as a delicious s*x symbol but let us not forget he is also a father to two beautiful daughters named Sophia and Gabrielle. Who knew fathers could be good parents and be so damn s*xy at the same time?

Also, he is not married or in any known relationship so fear not ladies, he is still up for grabs.


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