Meet 5 Celebrities Who Around Just To Get Fame – You’ll Be Surprised To See Number 4 (With Pictures)


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Nowadays, it seems that everyone is looking for how to get onto the fast track when it comes to reaching

fame, even sinking to desperate cries

for attention on social media through scandalous pictures and tweets. However, it’s not just publicity stunts that have been successful for those looking to achieve their 15 minutes of fame.

Karrueche Tran can now be seen on cooking specials with Kylie Jenner or riding motorcycles at Coachella with Christina Milian, but everyone seems to wonder how she became famous in the first place. While her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown after he split with Rihanna was a huge catalyst in getting her name in the headlines, Brown wasn’t the only man romantically linked to Tran over the years. Ray J, Rob Kardashian, and The Game have all been said to have had “encounters” with Tran; yet it was Chris Brown that ultimately helped to gain her the fame she so desperately craved
3. Lindsay Lohan



2. Karrueche Tran
The List Lindsay Lohan may have started her career as a child actress, but the issues in her personal life have become front and center in the eyes of the public. Romantically linked to a few celebrities in Hollywood, the world didn’t know just how many notches were on her bed post until a very telling In Touch Weekly spread in 2014. Lohan was staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and supposedly wrote down names of s*xual partners, which was then revealed in the magazine. While some claim the list was fake, it’s impossible to ignore that there is a connection between Lohan and each of the names on the list. Naming 36 famous lovers, Lohan added a new dimension to her already shaky twist to fame
4. Kendra Wilkinson

In And Out Of The Mansion When Kendra Wilkinson was first spotted by Hugh Hefner at the tender age of 19-years old, the public wondered what she could possibly see in this grey-haired senior. Although no one was deluded into thinking this was true love, it was a little shocking to hear about what was really going on while she was at The Playboy Mansion.

Wilkinson opened up to Access Hollywood about all the nights she would sneak out of the Playboy Mansion, and she also admitted that she was carrying on a romantic relationship with Hank Baskett while she was living there. There were also two separate s*x tapes l*aked starring Wilkinson, but it only seemed to add to the public interest once she married Baskett and got her own reality show.
5 Rita Ora – 20 Guys?

While Rita Ora has created a name for herself with a mildly successful music career, most of her fame has come from the controversy surrounding some of the relationships in her personal life.
One of her most tumultuous relationships was with Rob Kardashian, with the couple splitting in 2012. Kardashian famously put her on blast on Twitter by saying, “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart? But I mean 20?!!!” Most recently, Beyonce’s Lemonade single referenced, “Becky with the good hair,” which some speculated was about Rita Ora


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