Jide Kosoko’s Daughter, Bidemi Is Too Rude & Proud – Angry Makeup Artist Writes Open Letter To Actress


“Please can somebody help me talk sense into this lady, I have met her on three separate occasions and she has always disappointed me.

The first time I met her was on a movie set, I will not mention the name of the movie, I was assisting a make up artist and when she came by, I said hi to her but she refused to answer me.

At a point, I felt so uncomfortable working with her due to her manner-less gesture throughout the makeup session.

Secondly, I met her at a birthday party, infact, I was so afraid of coming near her and when I finally did, she shunned me.

Lastly, I met her on Sunday, I was so ashamed of myself when another girl was talking about her rudeness.

This time around, I ignored her completely.

My fear for this proud b****rd is that when she eventually marry, her arrogance may affect the marriage and she will return to her father’s house.

I must give it to Sola Kosoko, a very humble and approachable lady, anytime there is a makeup session that has to do with her, I’m always eager to go but for this rude Bidemi, I can reject a million naira project.

Let me stop here , I hope this message gets to her.”


  1. You don’t have to work for her. Painting a public figure bad is a very bad thing a lot of Niga do. Sort of black mail. If she wasn’t an artist will you come here. If you have a problem with her let her know otherwise don’t do business with her. Social media is dangerous and painting someone bad where we don’t have the other side story is Nono. Or you give us visible proofs like video.
    Then that’s journalism. Otherwise this is bigotry.

  2. It’s normal even twins dat was given birth to d same day don’t have similar behavior so forget and keep on moving,if I was to be u I will use dis medium in advertising mai job instead of complaining

  3. You are just an attention seeker, it’s not a must to relate with everyone. She probably doesn’t know u have such beef with her. rather than black list her, seek your attention elsewhere. Am a fan

  4. Yes you are we attend the same university lasu she is mannerless she gave me a very big insult that i can never forget i pray she change

  5. if she like make she change I’d she like make she no change, if people go their village for her
    now, her useless temperament will be severely dealt with.
    the girl na idiot.


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