I’m Not A Pr0st!tutes – Ruth Kadiri Replies Pascal Atuma

Ruth Kadiri 
Actress Ruth Kadiri has fired back at movie director, Pascal Atuma over a statement that those who make it in the Nigerian movie industry are ‘pr*stitutes’.
Atuma, earlier said only those who are pr*stitutes make it in Nollywood as the industry is controlled by Pimps.
Reacting, Kadiri on Instagram warned Atuma to stop generalizing, noting that she’s not a pr*stitute.
According to Kadiri, she and a lot of other actors work extremely hard to earn a living.
She wrote: “A lot of us work too hard to be placed into a general category and insulted by a practitioner.
“Mr Pascal, I am not a pr*stitute. I do not sleep with men for money or lifestyle… I feel offended.
“I am an actress and a producer, I am successful and I am not a pr*stitute Sir, if you have nothing to say please don’t grant interviews slamming us all and generalizing based on the lifestyle of a few. It’s very wrong. Pascal Atuma.”


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