I’m Nollywood’s New Bride – Fuji Icon Obesere Boasts



Lol, I hardly watch TV not to talk of watching home videos, so I can’t confirm this, but that’s what the musician is saying, lol. However, Tribune partially agrees with him, and here is how they report it.

If it is true congrats Mr Abass. Read below….

Speaking to Tribune,

he said; “My brother, let me be sincere with you, I have lost count. One of the top Nollywood actors (names withheld) just left my house now, and I have given them a date. “I pray I meet up because other actors want me on set everyday.”

Asked what they saw in him, he replied I don’t really know why I have become Nollywood’s new bride. But I know they must have seen something in me because two years ago, they never called me. Maybe I act better. It’s Lord’s doing anyway.”

He, however, said the fact that he had been enjoying acting does not mean he would remain there permanently.

“It is not as if I am quitting music for acting. Music is my calling but as an entertainer, you must be versatile and creative.”


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