IK Ogbonna Reveals He Rejected A N20 Million Offer For His Sp*rm



Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna once had a chance to sell his sp*rm for N20 million, and he turned the offer down.

“There are times when I was broke to zero Naira,” he said in a reported interview. “I’d leave my friend’s place to visit my sister at the Bridge Clinic to ask for as little as N2000.”

IK Ogbonna rejected N20m for his sp*rm

He added: “On that faithful day while sitting waiting for my sister, a woman met me with her husband and offered me N20m to donate my sp*rm, who probably could be impotent.”

“After having several thoughts about the offer, I told myself that I was would be a very great man someday, and my kids of mine will live out of sight. That is the highest temptation I have ever experienced all my life.”

Guys, would you reject a N20 million offer for your unborn kids?


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