I Can Allow My Boobs To Be Touched In A Movie, No Big Deal – Nollywood Actress

Fast-rising Yoruba movie actress has revealed that she sees nothing wrong in having her b**bs touched while acting out a movie scene.

Actress, Abimbola Ayeni
Abimbola Ayeni is one of those actresses whose beauty and appeal would make you complete a movie from the beginning to the end.

Bimbo who broke into the industry through her movie Dabira, is a rising actress who has acted alongside Nollywood greats like Antar Laniyan, Sola Kosoko, Adeniyi Johnson and others.

In a recent interview, the actress reveals the changes she would love to make in Nollywood.

“I will love to be a director because I am already an actress and filmmaker. For example, you see a character receiving a phone call and the phone he uses in receiving the call is blank. It’s absurd,” she said.

Abimbola believes in going the extra-mile in the interpretation of a role, she sees nothing wrong in her b**bs being touched in a movie, as long as it’s make-believe.

“One does not have to be stereotyped. It is acting. It’s just to touch b**bs, people are behind the cameras. If one can kiss deep in movies, I don’t see touching of b**bs as a big deal.Yes, I can allow my b**bs to be touched in a movie,” she added.


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