Heartbreaking!!! This Nigerian Man’s Father’s Day Story Will Make You Fear Some Ladies Of Nowadays

Some women are just too wicked than all wild animals put together, how will you allow a guy to pay your hospital bill only to find out his is not the father of your baby through facebook? Chai!!! An Instagram user yesterday shared the ordeal he suffered in the hands of the woman he called the mother of his baby as he advises men to make sure they do DNA test for their children so they won\’t end up like him….. Read what he said below.
I will tell a story!!! A story that brings so much pain to me, for a minute I thought I was his dad, my mom was super happy,the smile on her face the day I showed pictures of My little man to her. I paid all I was asked to pay. I mean,I was ready to spend my last cash on this little man ( his name ) NAJIB. I took full responsibility and did all she asked for. I was the best father to this little man,she didn\’t lack noting,any of my friends then will complain my spending on this Evil Lady. Happiness went sore on that Monday morning when I took my brother @iamstanchesta he came from Nigeria to Ghana just to see my son, nigga was so happy he thought he was already someone\’s uncle and then the whole truth unveiled. He was never my son, NAJIB was never my son. Girls can be so devilish.Don\’t just be fast to judge me if I act like an asshole towards you. Trust me I seen the dark side. Happy Father\’s Day to all the amazing dad out there please try go for DNA be sure that child is yours.U won\’t be happy to walk my path. #beenhurt#amstrong #shouldhavebeenadadbynow#sad #lofegoeson“.



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