Ghen Ghen!! Charly Boy Reveals Message From His Dead Father About Nigeria



Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy has lamented the state of the Nigerian judiciary which according to President Muhammadu Buhari, has been corrupted by unscrupulous elements.

Area father claimed he talked to his dead father, Hon. Justice Chukwudifu Akune Oputa, some nights ago, through two v*rgins. Read below as posted on his Instagram page few hours ago:

”A couple of nights ago, I had a seance (talking with the dead) with my two Virgins. I had to talk to the incorruptible, The Lord Denin/Socrates of the Supreme Court, the one who taught me humility, contentment and the fact that wealth does not guarantee happiness for it is impermanent, He said that in every country, people suffer whether rich or poor, but for those who seek to understand the true meaning of life, they can find true happiness. Wow!

”My dear departed father, Hon. Justice Chukwudifu Akune Oputa, whom I know is cringing in his grave because of what the judiciary/Nigeria has finally turned into. I remember some 30years back when we used to have heated arguments about the future of Nigeria, the apparent injustices and inequalities, as he tried to teach me all the code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness. I told him, but he never believed it could get this bad. This was the 3rd time I was speaking with my late father, friend and teacher through my spiritual guides and v*rgins.”



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