Exclusive: Top 5 Nigerian Artistes That Stopped Making Music While They Were Still Relevant In The Industry



Nigeria, a country blessed with multi-talented acts have been experiencing different form of revolutionary musicians right from time till date. However, like other countries around the world, it is normal for a particular artistes’ reign to fade away at some points in time due to some reasons or the other.

The commonest of this is the fact that their fans no longer reckon with their flows anymore which make them think they should rather leave music for more lucrative job in searching for greener pasture. But it is rather surprising to see some of Nigerian’s best performing artistes to stop giving fans songs when their fans really do not understand the reason for such actions and here are top 5 artistes in Nigeria that quit music industry when their star was still shining.

1.ELDEE: The name rings a bell right? Lanre Dabiri popularly known as ‘eLdee’ The Don is a co-owner of Trybe Record. The rapper who has 4 albums to his name shocked many fans when he announced his own retirement from music. The lovely part of his musical career is to address the condition of the nation with music and he was one of the few musicians that talks on social issues. Some things should rather be revealed, Olamide Badoo himself claims he wished to do a collaboration with the Don as he has not yet reached the limelight before he retired.

2.Neacto C: Oh, the only MC with MSC, I do not think the person who claimed his level changed amongst his peers shouldn’t fade away just like a blown away breeze. His hit tracks almost turned to national anthem which keeps us wondering why he cease to continue giving us the melodious hits. Well, we heard the 10 0ver 10 crooner came from a wealthy home and we hope he stopped music for a better offer.

3Sasha P: The question I have been unable to answer is that why do female fade away so early in the music industry, not only Sasha, Kel, Weird MC and many more are also involved. I call Sasha the Patience Jonathan of Nigerian Hip Hop. She was once the first lady of the industry, but later after some reigning moments stopped the music for reasons best known to her. Many of the long music lovers in this country grew up to listen go this lady’s rap songs. Till the time she quit. She won numerous award and nominated in many, some of these includes: nomination as the best female artiste of the year as the maiden edition of the MAMAs.

4.ILLBLISS: Oga Boss as he is fondly called is a leading act in Capital Hill Music. The news of him departing music left so many fans in shock when he announced it personally online some weeks ago. The rapper is sure a hit maker in the industry with the likes of Ayakata, bank alert to mention few, his decision is best known to him and we wish him luck. If Illbliss eventually quit music, who else will agree with me that his best track ever remains AiyePo Gan ft. Terry G?

5.WEIRD MC: This is unarguably one of the best female acts Nigeria has ever witnessed, this woman had her own style of music with vast music prowess that earned her huge recognition across Africa. If you didn’t get to hear Ijoya by this ‘raptainer’, it’s obvious you are still young and immature in the music scene of Nigeria. For whatever reason she quit music, her fans would never forget her.


There are so many of these artistes that we wish they could come back and entertain us but for one reason or the other, they left, we just have to let them know we will keep them in our hearts and God be with them wherever they are. The present entertainers in the music industry, we wish them long stay.


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