Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua Comes Under Fire For Praying Inside Mosque [Photos]


Joshua tweeted a picture of himself praying in a mosque, Boxing champion, Anthony Joshua has been attacked with lots of anti-Muslim abuse.
The Sagamu in Ogun state born shared on his Twitter handle a picture where he prayed in a Dubai Mosque, but was greeted with torrents of abuse from so-called fans criticizing his faith.
His words below:

“I\’m not going to dig anyone for their beliefs or anything like that, but I definitely feel religion is a big part of life, whether you believe in it or not, in everyone\’s day-to-day life religion’s a big part.
Prayer and so on, and beliefs is definitely important to me. I don\’t have a preferred religion – I\’d have to do research.
I was born a Christian but as I\’ve grown into my own man and I don’t attach myself to a religion – 100% I have faith.
Then it\’s locking into what suits me”


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