Big Stomach Not A Curse: Lolo1 Reacts To Severe Bashing Received Over ‘Sexy’ Photo

Omotunde Adebowale-David aka Lolo1 who is a 41 year old Radio personality based in Lagos has reacted to comments on her latest outfit.

OAP and actress Lolo 1 has broken her silence following the lashing she received after posting a photo of herself which she tagged ‘s*xy.’
The actress after deleting the photo said she loves herself and cannot live her life according to people’s thoughts and wants.
In her words:
“Laugh in the midst of trials
Because none are built to last
The expiry date is on every drug purchased
An overcomer does not sit with naysayers
Every bit of us is carefully crafted
Big b**bs,big stomach,big arms,big bum,big any you thing you have was upon you on creation
So don’t let anyone who has no say in your creation make you feel less
#bigstomachisnotacurse especially if treasures was incubated there
I OMOTUNDE cannot bow to people whose life has no joy
If you need joy permanently find Jesus biko!”


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