99.9% Of My Boyfriends Were Not Good In Bed, I Rely On Dildos – Actress Princess Shyngle

Sexy actress, Princess Shyngle has revealed on social media the reason why she has remained single for a very long time, adding that she relies on her dildo.

Princess Shyngle
Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle, who is known for her hour-glass figure and tiny waist, has revealed on social media that she has very little regard for almost all her ex-boyfriends when it comes to their performance in bed.
The actress took to her Snapchat account and disclosed that 99.9% of her previous boyfriends were not able to satisfy her in bed and she has been single within the past year.
The Gambian actress who said that the lack of satisfaction from her exes was the reason she has not been in an amorous relationship with any man, added that she has been relying on her dildo.
“Some of y\’all wonder how I\’ve been single for over a year. Well, that\’s the secret y\’all my s*xy dildo. It satisfies me more than 99.9% of all guys I\’ve ever dated,” she wrote as she posted with a photo of her dildo on Snapchat.



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