5 Star Singer Kcee Reveals How He Was Wearing Only Boxers When His Landlord Chased Him Out Of Thee House [Must Read]


 Footballer turned singer, Kcee, in an interview with Saturday Beats, revealed that him and his family went from challenges to challenges while growing also added that  none of that made them go into fraud.

He added that while they were living in a 3 bedroom flat in Ajegunle area of Lagos, they were owing their landlord which resulted into their loads being thrown out as they were owing 70,000 naira. He said he had only his boxers on that day. His dad  started squatting with some people while his mum went to her sister’s house. Him and his had to find their way and by then, they had already won Star Quest so they had a small car where they slept. After some time the car was stolen, they had to live in hotels which they owed a lot of money which we paid after anytime had a show and to get shows then was even very hard for him and Presh. E-Money had to move on to learn how to be a freight agent.

He added that after they had left Ajegunle, they stayed in a room apartment in Ojodu before relocating to Omole. Later, E-Money bought a duplex in Omole and Kcee who also said that  E-money have been hustling for past 17 years as he is not doing drugs or anything illegal not forgetting that they are from a Christian home.


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