4 Nigerian Celebrity Weddings Expected By Fans In 2017


https://i.onthe.io/vllkyt31mr4n047kmg.0a11747f.jpghe stars of show business are always in the spotlight. Fans observe their personal life and are delighted when it comes to their passionate love stories or the birth of their children. But one of the most solemn and important events is their marriage. From this article you will find out the 4 Nigerian celebrity weddings fans want to see in 2017.

Many famous people hide their personal lives in order to avoid excessive excitement from the society. In the end, a professional artiste should gain popularity with his skill, not because of rumurs about love affairs. Some make a proposal to their beloved publicly, while others only plan a wedding and keep everything in a secret. Fans can just guess and hope that a happy event will take place soon.

D’banj and Adama Indimi
People have been waiting for quite a while for the wedding of these Nigerian celebrities. Previously, 36-year-old D’banj was in a romantic relationship with Genevieve Nnaji. Fans thought that they will be married within a year. But it was not to be Then begun his love story with Adama Indimi, the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire. The media expressed interest, however, D’banj said that he will not provide any private information. He has not denied or confirmed the relationship with Adama. Journalists and fans continue to speculate and await a grand wedding, regardless.
D’banj and Adama Indimi


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