10 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Eyeballs Make Them ‘Stand Out’ (Photos)

The eyes are considered the most expressive feature of the face and some possess more daring eyeballs than others which gives them a unique look.
We presents you a list of 10 Nigerian celebrities whose bold eyes make them stand out.
Here’s the list:
1. Segun Arinze
Segun Arinze is known for his sterling performances in movie roles as well as his bulging trademark eyeballs which makes him stand out in the crowd.
2. Eve Esin
The Delectable actress, Eve Esin who has got a very fine and glowing skin also share the bulgy eyes trait.
3. Olayode Juliana (Toyo Baby)
Toyo baby, best known for her exceptional role in ‘Jenifa’s diary’ is a very attractive actress with unique eyeballs that perfectly suits her.


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