Things You Should Never Do Immediately After Having S3x [Must Read]


Sex is lovely, s*x brings intimacy but sometimes we act in ways that kill this pleasurable act. Most people are guilty of killing the mood due to their actions after s*x.

I understand for some, it’s something they don’t do intentionally so I decided to write about this.

Below are 5 things you should never do immediately after having s*x.

1. QUICKLY WEARING YOUR CLOTHES Quickly wearing your clothes after s*x doesn’t show intimacy, it kills what you just shared with your partner.

2. CHECKING YOUR PHONE Making a call, sending messages or doing whatever with your phone isn’t the right thing to do immediately after s*x. You pass the wrong message to your partner when you do this.

3. TURNING ON THE TV Watching soccer or a cartoon isn’t the right thing to do immediately after sharing a passionate moment with your partner.

4. HURRYING TO THE BATHROOM Yes I understand you need to have a shower after a hot and amazing s*x but it shouldn’t be immediately after s*x. You need to spend some time with your partner before you visit the bathroom. It’s even better when you have a shower together after s*x.

5. FALLING ASLEEP Most people do this and it’s not the best thing to do after s*x. Sleeping immediately after s*x won’t give you the opportunity to cuddle and enjoy the moment you just shared with your partner. Have an amazing s*x life with your partner.

Source : JoyGist

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