Revealed!!! See The Real Cause Of Veteran Yoruba Actress Iyabo Oko’s Sickness And Why She Was Rushed To The U,k And India


Some months back, popular actress Kudirat Odukanmi Eluyemi a.k.a Iyabo Oko was in the news after she was declared sick with an unknown aliment which some people even thought it was rumor since there was no update on the matter. Recent reports state that the actress who is known for her \’area mama\’ role in most of her movies was rushed to a Nigerian hospital in 2016 which she stay in for about two months but the doctors couldn\’t detect what was wrong with her and she was not responding to treatment. This made her eldest son take her out if the country to the U.K where it was discovered that she was suffering C.A. She spent 3 months in the U.K before she was taken to India to relax and do more check up. Stay tuned Cliqloaded for more update.


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