Popular Songstress, Waje Reveals That She Was Actually A Chin Chin Seller Before Venturing Into Music [Must Read]


Popular sultry singer Waje who is always known for her unique style of  singing in a recent chat with Saturday Beats revealed what shee was doing before she went ahead to do music. Read it all below.

I don’t like cooking but I love to bake and I did that for a while with my friend Ijeoma Uzodima. We used to have this chin chin company and we used to sell everything in our stock. I remember that the magistrates in Onitsha at the time used to order from us and we used to sell it in a small can for about N600. We would cut 50kg chin chin for three days and my back would be paining me. I probably would have continued with that if I was not a singer. Ijeoma who is my very good friend was actually the one who used to push me,


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