PLEASE HELP!! He Got Her Pregnant, Later Accepted It But Won’t Marry Her Because Of This


Please My Friend Needs Advice Urgently**

A friend of mine got herself pregnant by a male friend of hers. Initially the guy wanted her to get rid of it and she has been warned about abortion. The guy later accepted the pregnancy and promised to take care of her and the baby.

He said it should better be a female child. The guy said he will accept the child but he won’t marry her claiming he does not love her.

My friend is now in love with this guy and she wants them to bring up the baby together cos she does not want the child to pass through what she passed through (she was brought up by a single parent).

This guy claims he does not love her and he doesn’t want to see her with any other guy, he asks questions whenever any guy calls, he cares about her welfare and a times complains about her dressing or even dictate for her on the clothes to wear.

Pls is there any way she can make the guy love her?

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