Kemi Olunloyo Reveals The Face Of The Young Man Who Wants To Have S*x With Her (Photos)

The queen of clapback Kemi Olunloyo rejects outrightly a man’s immoral invitation see what she shared below with the caption “NNSex @ernest_anozie wants to Bleep my old p**sy. Another male pr*stitute. Stop selling yourself cheap. I’m not a commodity and no woman is. I’m the only woman according to #wikipedia that aims to #EndMalePr0stitution in #Nigeria. He left me a message 15 minutes ago on the status where I explained why I wrote a piece asking Flavour to smash him in my crib. The one about women’s desires. @ernest_Anozie my p’ussy aint hungry for just any d!ck. Most male pr*stitutes privately inbox and I expose them.

You posted yours in your comments.

Go to a whorehouse and get a cheap pr0stitutes or Bleep your mom’s old p’ussy. I read that young men are rap*ng their mothers a lot in Eastern Nigeria. Google it.


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