Death Is A Secret God Kept Away From Us- Muyiwa Ademola Opens Up

When he spoke with Slickson last week, he said
“I feel sad about her death. I feel like what is the essence of this life, the fame, what is the essence of living and all that, because Moji was such a nice person, a fantastic actress.
Just think about all those good adjectives and qualify her with them. I was at a movie location when someone called me that he learnt Moji Olaiya has passed away. I was like what are you talking about, then I put a call across to Fathia Balogun, she was crying, she picked the call but couldn’t talk.
I called Bimbo and she was also crying and that was how I confirmed it.  I don’t want to believe that death is rampant in the industry, I want to believe that people die every day but like we do say,  it is because our job and your job  has to do with fame, any small thing about you will be everywhere and that is why people will say they die one after the other.
However, in between you and I, we over stress ourselves, and we fail to give little time to pay attention to our health. My thought about death is that it is inevitable. It is an unexpected visitor.  It can come any time.
Death is a secret God kept away from us, and it is a cloth we must wear, there is nothing we can do about it, all we need to do is to live like tomorrow will never come, and to pray your time or mine should not come now. Younger people should stop dying again in our midst, in the society and in the industry. We have always been praying and also organize medical gathering for actors.
The association is liaising with some health insurance companies to give us the needed kits and we organize prayers every January of the year. And immediately this happened, the president of the association, Prince Dele Odule actually called the elders in the industry to organize special prayers”


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