Actress Omotola Jalade’s Husband Reacts To Her Having ”Real $ex” In New Movie,Alter Ego; What He Said Will Surprise You

Captain Matthew Ekeinde,husband to popular actress,Omotola has reacted to new controversial movie \’\’Alter Ego\’\’ where she played an explicit role..Omotola few days ago admitted that the romance she played in the movie were real.Below is her husband\’s reaction to the movie in an interview with HipTV


He said;

Yes,it is a story that matters, about s*xual abuse..something that create a lot of awareness, it is really happening in our society, people don\’t talk about it. I think it is a movie that will make people to start talking about it and let people come out and tell their expediencies,it is not something that is hidden..
She did a great performance, i enjoyed it, very explicit though, the scene where she had s*x with her sister\’s husband, from the back..she was shouting harder\’harder, bang bang..i need to go ask her, you never said that to me *laughed.



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