Yomi Fabiyi Shares Photo From London, Writes On The Movie Industry and Gives Updates On Moji Olaiya [See]


Below is what he wrote on his IG page. Read after the cut:

“I noticed some few things questions the unity and collective love in this side of the industry when I came in and are seriously lacking. On the scale of preference, the main two are: WELFARE & OPEN AND PRIVATE MORAL SUPPORT TO OURSELVES WHEN DUE AND NECESSARY. To be honest, these forms the basis why movie associations are established, any other thing are secondary. I then made up my mind to act unilaterally in this direction, set examples and fill the void till everyone sinks in, whereby igniting the desired change. I reckon the industry gave me so much to where I am now and will still do as against where I am aim tomorrow. Some colleagues care and look out for me more than some of my family members. What do I do to pay them back than what I am doing? Sadly, some with shallow thinking in an attempt to hurt me assume that I AM ALWAYS FORWARD, SEEK ATTENTION, POPULARITY or FORM FAMILIARITY. Total fallacy, that is not me. IF I DRAG A BIT INTO SELF ADULATION, IT DOESNT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT MAJORITY OF THESE COLLEAGUES WHO CONDEMN ME BEHIND OR TO THEIR FANS ARE MORE TALENTED, SHOOT BETTER FILMS, DO BETTER THAN ME IN MARKET, ACT BETTER THAN ME, MORE EXPOSED AND SO ON. TRUTH BE TOLD, IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. I AM NEVER IN COMPETITION WITH ANYBODY AND HAVE NO LATENT FOR ENVY, MY GREATEST WEAKNESS THOUGH. ATTACK MY NATURE AND KEEP MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF. I am not proud or arrogant. I am simply principled. I just wish to remind those attacking this pure intentions and exploits that I just renewed my contract with my conscience and common sense to indefinately continue with my care for my colleagues and hopefully you start doing same to other colleagues and the world can attest to the fact that our industry is filled with love and we are always there for each other no matter whose ox is gored. I don\’t troll my colleagues and I will always stand by my colleague first. If I will oppose any, then it is unavoidable and for the good of all. It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not. Love for all, hatred for none.”


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