Pray For Him!!! President Buhri Health Condition Worsens In London As He Loses His Voice And Memory [See]


It\’s been 45 days since President Buhari left Nigeria for London for his treatment without anybody knowing what his illness was. Later, we heard he was suffering memory lapses.

Even some his aides that went with him were not allowed to stay as they were sent back to Nigeria. With this, nobody know for sure the actual date of the President\’s return to Nigeria. Sahara Reporters learnt that doctors in London were not in support of Buhari\’s return to Nigeria as they advised him to stay for a minimum of 4 months to know if they can treat his sickness and make him well again.
The last time the President came to Nigeria, his condition worsened as he lost weight and doctors from the U.K were flown in to come check up on him.
Recall that his wife, Aisha traveled to visit him and returned a week late after she was prevented to see him by the cabal managing his health. Buhari gave his aides the shock of their life after he asked if they were heading to Sokoto from the airport the day they flew to London.
The latest is that many western diplomats such as the Ambassadors of U.S and U.K are preparing for a meeting with the acting President, Yemi Osinbanjo. We don\’t know if it about Buhari\’s health issue


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