Movie Stars & Estranged Couple, Fathia Balogun and Saidi Balogun Are Back Together [See Photos]


As the saying goes “Nothing is impossible”, according to reports, something strong happened between Fathia and her estranged hubby, father of her kids, Saidi Balogun that made us think the couple are planning on a reunion.

At the artist night held in honour of late Moji Olaiya, at LTV 8, Saidi was seen walking into the venue very late at night. He then shared  pleasantries with his colleagues present whom Fathia Balogun was part of.
Fathia then called her ex hubby, Saidi aside for a discussion which lasted for some minutes. Only God knows what was discussed but they both bursted into laughter. This made us think probably a reunion is on the card.


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