Messy Details Of How TOYIN AIMAKHU’s Ex-Husband NIYI JOHNSON Fell In Love With Upcoming Actress Seyi Edun


Buzzing on the social media for the past few weeks is the romance between fast-rising actress, Seyi Edun and Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-husband, Niyi Johnson. Both of them have been enmeshed in a serious relationship and they have taken it to the public as they both penciled and narrated how their path crossed with each other few years back. Though few months ago, it was revealed that Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun were in a sizzling romance but they both denied vehemently saying they were just friends.


It was gathered that the lovers started dating secretly in 2015 but refrained from disclosing their relationship to the public. Even when there were rumours peddling around that they had their introduction, it was Niyi that wrote about the introduction ceremony on his social media platform while the godmother to both of them, Prophetess Mary Olanbiwoninu shared a photo of the couple tagging it as ‘’My favorite Couple”.


There are many moments the love birds have shared together and one was when Niyi Johnson was thrown a surprise birthday dinner by Seyi at the Protea Hotel in Lagos. The couple looked lovely together amongst their friends and wellwishers who also graced the party.


Recall, in one of Seyi Edun’s interview long time ago, she revealed she might eventually be in a relationship with Niyi in the future and also revealed some things they share in common. ‘’I can’t say for now may be in the nearest future, I’m not God. Okay, I will tell you how the rumour started. One Prophetess Olubori is Niyi spiritual mother and she’s been my spiritual mother too since I was in United States. One day she invited Niyi and I to the mountain for crossover night for three days vigil.


Niyi didn’t even come immediately because he was busy but he later joined us. We worshipped there and had the first Sunday of the year service on the mountain. Niyi is my best friend forever and will remain for life”’ she says. In one of Niyi’s openly declared love notes to Seyi, he narrated how they met and the love they share on her birthday.


‘’I’ve known this wonderful woman for a long time but we got closer in 2015 November, we became close as at the time I needed friends because of what I was going through, friends deserted me even the ones I’ve always stood for, my life was threatened and in danger but constantly she tells me if they didn’t create me they can’t kill me, Feburary 27th 2016, my birthday), you changed my mentality about friendship. you went out of your way to put smiles on my face, you were the 1st to call and say words of prayer and GOD decided to honor your voice, then trouble arose, you were battered, blackmailed, back stabbed, close friends turn their back on you, you lost more than I know but yet you stood for a friend because you see genuineness and truthfulness.

At some point my problem became your priority and you want me better and finer before sorting yourself, at the point I needed to hide when I can’t go to work, left my house to scot with friends so as to save my head…. you bring egg and I’ll buy bread, you bring soup and I’ll buy fufu, No one to tell or share with as I don’t know who true friends were.. but Today God has given me freedom…I remember how badly I drove your car and yet no complain, bless God he helped me to get you a better car, OLUWASEYI ASHABI EDUN…

 if I continue typing I won’t stop o…May/June last year we couldn’t help being friends but better friends. We started doing ..despite all the lows in just a year God brought about a drastic change …now I count gains and not losses, successes and not failure, increase and not decrease…Today I wanna appreciate you and say thanks for standing by me in times of trouble… it’s not my decision to take but God’s willing and with his support. together we shall remain… just reduce your ijogbon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY QUEEN!!!


However in recent times, the actress has also openly acknowledged Niyi Johnson as her boo, showered unending praises on him for lending his unflinching support towards her recently held movie premiere.


A huge thanks to my support system, My Ejika My everything. Thanks for being the major part of my success story. Thanks for supporting my movement. Aduragbemi May God reward you in million folds. If I start mentioning your impact I won’t stop typing, all I can say is THANK U. Thanks for the surprises. You really got me. Thanks for being my uber, my bartender despite your status. your humility is rare. Thanks for supporting me financially, spiritually and morally. I pray God gives you reason to smile always. I love you and I love you 4eva.kisses.


Adeniyi who acknowledged that Seyi Edun is his woman, went further to thank her for standing by him through the times of blackmail and blasphemy.

He wrote; “I saw my phone blinking with notifications and tags I was wondering kilosele. I didn’t know I’m been celebrated and appreciated by my woman.. someone who knows the value of the Crown over a Wig… Thanks for standing when no one stood and for taking me as I am despite all blackmail and blasphemy!!! U are cherished and forever treasured … I love you more.”


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