Fela Didn’t Die Of HIV/AIDS – One Of Legendary Fela’s Wives Makes Shocking Confession That Would Shock You


One of Fela Anikulapo Kuti\’s many wives, in recent interview defended her late husband after news has been circulating that he died of HIV/Aids.

The woman, Kevwe who\’s just back from England revealed how Fela would force all his wives to smoke marijuana and whoever doesn\’t take it would be disgraced publicly.
Speaking on her husband\’s cause of death, Kewve revealed she wasn\’t afraid because if Fela died of HIV then she would be the first to get infected as Fela do make love to her more than any of his wives.
She continued saying, she has done all test related to such in England and she\’s declared negative. Asked if she has remarry since Fela\’s death, she said Yes and revealed Nicholas is the man right now.
The 50 year old was then asked if she still smokes and she bluntly replied NO.


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