Bayowa Films Selling Private Property Of Moji Olaiya’s Family – IFC Calls Gbenga Adewusi A Thief


The unauthorized reproduction of Moji Olaiya’s burial programme by Gbenga Adewusi of Bayowa Films  is still generating tension in the entertainment sector.

On Tuesday the Ibadan Film Circle expressed disgust at the way a one time popular marketer Gbenga Adewusi produced the video without permission from the family of the deceased.

IFC platform include actors,directors and filmmakers like Segun Arinze, Tunde Olaoye, Remi Raji, Yinka Ogundaisi and Adenuga Deji.

In a statement signed by the administrator of IFC, the family of the deceased noted that Bayowa films produced the movie without authorization and made it into VCDs in a manner that suggested it was for sale.

In a swift reaction to IFC allegation, Gbenga Adewusi said:


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