I Regret Trekking For Him! Man Who Trek For Buhari From Lagos To Abuja Reveals


Hashimu Suleiman, last year made a vow that if Buhari won, he would trek from Lagos to Abuja to congratulate the general.

Buhari went ahead and won, Suleiman made good his vow and ‘hoofed’ it to Abuja (supposedly),

Less than a year on, this energetic man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja in celebration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in 2015 presidential election has described his action as a big mistake.

Suleiman said he regretted trekking for Buhari who has now made life unbearable for the masses.

According to Dailypost, the man expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the president has been ruling Nigeria in the last one year.

Reports quoted him saying, “Removing fuel subsidy at this hard time is not palatable to hear, when so many workers and labourers can hardly put food on their table, many companies have folded up, and cost of living is very high.

“Nigerians have been hoping for a positive change for a very long time, enduring hardship and now the Federal government wants to make things worse for the masses.”


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