Photo: See The 8 Year-Old Boy Who Is Turning Into Stone Because Of Rare Ailment

A young teenage boy is gradually turning to a stone, as his parents have cried out for help to tackle the rare ailment.
An eight-year-old has been forced to stay indoors all his life because he terrifies other children and suffers from horrific pain if he touches anything due to a rare condition, reports Dailymail.
The little boy identified as Mehendi Hassan from Bangladesh has acute skin disease that is effectively turning him to stone. His face looks normal while the rest of his body is covered in thick, scaly skin making it difficult to walk or touch anything.
Most people in his community and even his grandmother, detest him according to Mehendi’s mother, who is calling on the government to diagnose and cure the condition that has robbed her son of his childhood.
Now, the little boy struggles to wear his own clothes as even slightest of friction to his skin is excruciating and stays at home all day because his appearance terrifies other children in the village.
His mother Jahanara Begum said: ‘Other children detest him. 
‘People find him filthy because of his condition. 
‘He has been home for eight years because whenever he goes out, villagers get scared and say bad things to him. 
‘Everyone hates him, no one likes to see him or eat in front of him. 
‘Not even my mother-in-law. I beg government to help my child. 
‘It upsets him so I keep him at home.
‘He always cries out in pain. It is devastating to see him suffering.’
Mehendi is Jahanara’s third child and was born a healthy seven pounds in the village of Dona Raninagar in Naogaon district of north Bangladesh.


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