I Was Forced To Declare Boko Haram “Technically Defeated” – Lai Mohammed Drops Major Bombshell

Nigerians were shocked on Friday evening, when the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, who once declared that Boko Haram had been defeated, raised an alarm of a plot by the rag-tag insurgents to launch deadly attacks on Nigerians, in the coming weeks and months.
In a statement, Lai said that members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell based in Kogi State, who had fought along Islamic State Libya, are planning to acquire bomb-making chemicals and high-calibre weapons to perpetrate acts of terror, including attacks on banks, arms depots, and prisons.
The group is an affiliate of the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram, and its Nigerian cell is allegedly based in Kogi State, in North-Central Nigeria.
“One Usman, an IED apprentice, left the cell some time back to join Islamic State, in Libya. The new desire to acquire IED precursor chemicals could suggest that Usman or other persons, may have returned from Libya and have acquired IED-making skills intended to increase the activities of the group”, he said.
The Minister, said intelligence also revealed that the group was making serious efforts to acquire sophisticated arms, including shoulder-fired rocket launchers.
“Further intelligence monitoring has revealed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood, are planning to forcefully free their members who are in detention in Kogi, Abuja, and Kaduna, including one Bilyaminu, an IED Expert for the group, who is now at Kuje prison”, he added.


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