Breaking: Muslim Clerics in 10-days Serious Prayer & Fasting for Buhari

Some Muslims clerics, in Maiduguri, Borno State, on Friday, may have commenced a 10-day prayer and fasting for the health of President Muhammadu Buhari.
Malam Uma Bolori who spoke on behalf of the clerics said this in an interview.
He said, ‘’Our prayer is what President Buhari needs from Nigerians rather rumours.

“President Buhari deserves payers from the people of North-East, for not allowing Borno to go on extinction when almost all the territories in the state were taken over by Boko Haram.


” We are going to fast, supplicate and recite Holy Qur’an 50 times for improved health condition of our President.
“Nigerians must rally round their leaders and pray for them, to enable them succeed in steering the affiars of this country.
” No citizen should wish his or her president death, he or she should rather wish him wisdom, sound health and political will to enable him fulfill his campaign promises to the people.”
Umar Bolori said that since the coming of the president to power, Boko Haram insurgency had reduced to the barest minimum in the North-East. (NAN)


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