Another Fantastic Aso Rock Lie!!! US White House ‘Denies’ Trump Ever Spoke With Sick Buhari

It was most shocking, that after twelve hours after President Muhammadu Buhari’s purported telephone conservation with President Donald Trump, of the United States of America, US, the US White House is yet to confirm it.
Recall, that the Nigerian Presidency through its Spokesperson, Garba Shehu, announced to Nigerians that the scheduled telephone conversation between Buhari and Trump, had taken place.
Yet as at the time of going to the local Press with this information, there has been no confirmation from the White House, that the telephone conversation actually took place.
When Post-Nigeria scanned through most of the major US newspapers online, on Tuesday morning, it discovered that it was not reported, unlike other Trump’s telephone conversations with other countries’ Presidents, that normally make headlines.
Most Nigerians are apprehensive, and are beginning to doubt if the call actually took place. Also, with Buhari reported to be very sick, it is believed that there was no way he could have spoken to President Trump.
Again, the Nigerian Presidency reported that Trump promised to help with arms needed to fight insurgency in Nigeria. However, this seems to be contrary to the stand of the US President.
In the meantime, Nigerians continue to wait for a confirmation from the US White House.


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