Why I love Igbo Men And Can’t Stand Akwa Ibom Men – Nollywood Actress. Brycee Bassey Reveals


Nigerian actress,  Brycee Adia Bassey, has declared her fascination for men of Igbo descent. In a rather surprising revelation which she made while chatting with Tope Hassan on Isoko Africa Podcast which bothered on the discrimination of actors in Nollywood, she unapologetically declared how much love she has for Igbo men and their accent.

According to the sensual actress, she doesn’t know why she loves men from the eastern part of Nigeria, but what she could confirm is that their accent is s*xy and she loves it.
She was quoted to have said “I particularly love Igbo accent, Igbo men’s accent, I think are s*xy, I don’t know why, don’t laugh, but I love them.” In the same vein, she disapproved of the Akwa Ibom accent, claiming that she would never stoop low to learn the language, even if it is to save her life.”Akwa-Ibom accent, I cannot fake that accent to save my life”, she quips.


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