Mr. President, …It’s Sad Nigerians Celebrate At The mention Of Your Death


In the last three days, over 10 people have called me to confirm if truly our President has died in the UK. They said they\’ve been reading reports on the Internet that Buhari is dead, so they wanted to confirm it\’s authenticity.

Of course I told them that am 100% certain he\’s hale and hearty.

I have also been reading all sort of posts and messages on facebook, twitter and whatsapp about the news of the death of Mr President and I was shocked to see people already celebrating and jubilating. Some even went as far as making memes and posting obituaries…… and my heart was broken all through the night. As I laid on my bed, two questions kept ringing on my head and that is; Why would people wish or be happy that their President is dead? I know things are bad in the country, the hunger and poverty is alarming and widespread BUT is it so so bad that the only thing is to wish the President dead? I remember that the last time Nigerians celebrated the death of their leader was when Gen. Sani Abacha died. I was in Warri then and I saw people drinking to stupor and throwing parties. It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted off their heads.

I am confident the President will be back to the country on or before 6th February. My advise to him is to take a day (and demand to be left alone) to do a self appraisal of his stewardship to the Nigerian people from May 29, 2015 till date.

I will like the President to ask himself the following questions:

1. Have I been fair to the Nigerian people?
2. Have I delivered at least 40% on my campaign promises?
3. Have my actions or inactions further divided this country along religious and ethnic line?
4. Have my Ministers been living up to not just my expectations but majority of Nigerians? Are they even performing as expected?
5. If I happen not to seek for reelection in 2019, what will I be remembered for when I leave office?
6. Within these two years of my administration, have I left this country better than the way I met it?

If all these questions can be answered sincerely and necessary actions taken, I can bet that the next two years will be better and greater than what we are currently experiencing.

I believe in this country cos our future is filled with endless possibilities.
God bless President Buhari

God bless the Nigerian people

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

John Aderogba Wrote from Lagos



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