MMM Participant Makes ‘Strange’ Revelation About What Has Been Happening in the Scheme


Since the return of the popular ponzi scheme, MMM on the 13th of January following an unexpected hiatus in December, all has not been well with the scheme. Members have continued to complain bitterly about the failure of the system to pay those who invested huge sums.

However, a participant, Ibibiofirstlady has now revealed a new trend which will probably shutdown the system leaving many people to lose millions of naira. She revealed that participants in the scheme who are matched to pay others are now refusing to fulfill their financial obligation.

Hear her: “I observe that participants dont\’t redeem their PH pledge on MMM. I have almost 200 thousand naira with them. I requested help (GH) on the 14th and I have been matched and re-matched, yet none of those people have paid even a kobo. Though I am not “poor” but I need back my money. Someone on palmchat advised me to forget it but I just can\’t.

“I don\’t know whether I am the only one facing this challenge.”

It has been speculated, that if this trend continues, the system is bound to crash and many people will lose their money.


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