MMM Offers ‘Job Vacancies’ Amidst Loss of Faith by Subscribers…See Details


The Wonder Bank has been struggling to strive in Nigeria following the shocking freezing of accounts of active subscribers on the 13th of December, 2016.

The system that survives on the expansion of the membership base seems to have lost the trust of community members and the guiders are rallying round to restore the smooth operation of the doubling scheme.

A meeting was held yesterday, Sunday by the guiders and the major highlight of the meeting is that MMM will be recruiting “online workers” with unspecified incentives promised. The mode of application for the job remains unknown.

The outcome of the crucial meeting aimed at restoring hope in the financial platform was published on the official Facebook of the Ponzi Scheme of Russian origin. Read the details below:

Summary Of Today\’ s Guiders Meeting 29/1/17

1) Some mavro limit will be lifted this week (Probably from tomorrow). In doing so confidence will return back.

2) New model implementation almost done.

3) As you witness alot of PH and GH took place this week. It will soon go back to normal this coming week.

4) There\’s no copy cat platform that have lasted over a year. Go find out

5) SMS notification has been activated. If you\’ haven\’t confirmed your numbers, kindly do that.
6) The search for online workers is on. Incentives included.

7) All News on PO soon.

8) 2 new updates coming this week

9) Participants will have the option to vote if their guiders are useful, and if voted No, those guiders will be removed. Options to have guiders or not will be available in the future.

10) We understand the frustration of participants, please patient with us. Sustainability is our goal.
11) In the future, this kind of break experienced won\’t be necessary, that\’s why the new model.

12) MMM is still alive and strong and we fight for your well being daily. Stay strong.


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