S*x Appeal: See What Men and Women are Doing Inside a Popular Club (Photos)



As you go to bed to chase your dreams literally, there are some affluent Nigerian youths dancing away their pains and life challenges as they teleport to the Utopian world using the vehicle of expensive alcohol.

The inferno of fun at the popular Club Joker in Benin City area of Edo State seems to be ever-blazing despite the presence of well trained fire-fighters. Like we have always reiterated, it is the gathering of real men that heartlessly torture money despite its scarcity due to the economic recession.

Nothing comes cheap in the club house and this accounts for the influx of the hottest girls in town who simply want a taste of what they have seen in movies.

In the latest photos, new alluring girls flooded the arena in seductive outfits with their bo.obs and bums scantily concealed to control the minds of the money-bags.

Exotic wines were sold out with the big boys bathing themselves with the expensive contents as a show of wealth and influence.

See more photos:


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