See How 23 Year Old Girl Killed Herself After Finding Out Her “Sug*r Daddy” Is Her Biological Father



The 23-year-old girl simply identified as Jane Mkhwanazi was made to believe that she lost her father when she was a baby not knowing that her mother, Sthabile Mkhwanazi framed up the story to stop her from asking about him when he abandoned her.

The lady got to meet a wealthy man on Friday at a local club in Mpumalanga area of South Africa.

The man ended up taking his daughter home for an overnight se.x rump and the following morning while he was escorting her, he bumped into his ex-wife.

Jane’s mother quickly identified her runaway husband and told the girl the man she was walking with is her father.

The girl was completely inconsolable after learning that she had just committed incest with her own father.

She reportedly failed to stomach the disturbing news and was so devastated she decided to take her own life.


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